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Faggotry and Dry Humping…

Okay. Apologies for the repost. This is the CORRECT version for the “trailer/spot” (different voice at the end) for a web series I am in the early stages of writing with my friends. 


2012 End of the World (Cocaine Remix)

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Anonymous said: You never repost my nice anonymous comments :(

I’m sincerely sorry about that, Mr. Anonymous.

I get some very nice mail but the thing of it is, I already post nothing but pics of myself (notorious for reblogging myself, too). I feel that if I were to post all those nice, flattering comments, I would be the sole participant in a Tony Carrillo suck-off contest. I can’t. My ego needs to be put in check. I use Tumblr as a means of feeling not like a monster, but a man. I post mostly the negative messages (which I get a lot) to remind me that I am not the only person out there hurting. I will say this, Mr. Anonymous, thank you to everybody who has flattered and seduced and has made me feel loveable. It really is something unique. I hope everybody is loved out there.